For Pitties’ Sake

Lindsey and I adopted our kid five years ago. She’s now nine years old, beautiful, and smart as hell. She also has four hairy legs, a mammoth tongue, and a tail that rivals Indiana Jones’ whip with regard to painful accuracy. What? You think I was talking about a human child? Come on, people. Do you not know me at all? Do you really think a woman with purple hair should be trusted with the welfare of a real, live kid? I’d totally steal all his toys and send him crying to the mature one of his two moms, whose head is currently wrapped in Saran wrap while her hair turns pink.

I’m speaking, of course, of our pride and joy, Sugar. Simply put, she’s the best dog in the history of dogs. She kicks Lassie’s ass. As a matter of fact, she’d not only tell us Timmy is trapped in the well, she’d pull up in a jacked-up, four-wheel-drive pick-up truck, ready to get him out herself. In short? She rules.

Sugar is, to paraphrase Cher, a half breed (Aaaand…you’re welcome for that earworm). To be precise, Sugar is a boxer/pit bull mix. Unfortunately some people out there think that equates her with The Terminator, “She can’t be reasoned with. She doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And she absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.” Um…No.

Yeah…such a killing machine.

Since adopting Sugar, Lindsey and I have been advocates of pit bulls and pittie mixes. They’re amazing dogs. They’re smart, and loyal, and affectionate, and strong. They’re also unjustly misunderstood, because they’re the latest “tough guy” dogs, owned by some who abuse their loyalty and strength, or just plain abuse them.

“Those mean people suck.”
Photo by Lindsey

Shelters are overrun with pitties and pittie mixes who have been dumped or abandoned on the streets. The unfair characterization of the breed means shelters can have a hard time finding forever homes for pitties.

Oh my GADS! Who will save this child from extreme killer dog kisses?!
Photo by Lindsey

While some shelters don’t even give them a chance and march them directly to an appointment with the dreaded pink shot, no-kill shelters take in the pitties they can and do their best to find great homes for them. Seriously, y’all, pitties are the poster children for that damned Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial that makes everyone cry, and disintegrate into blubbering masses, feverishly clawing to reach the TV remote. They need our help.

Sugar was lucky to find herself enrolled with one of Houston’s no-kill shelters, Friends for Life, and we adopted her a couple of weeks later. We support FFL and other no-kills, when we can, either with funds, pet food, or moral support. We’d like to do more, but since we don’t have a yard, we can’t adopt another dog, and we can’t foster dogs either.

I know what you’re thinking. “Rhonda, is there a point to this post?” There is, and it’s kind of cool.

Last month, I noticed a promotion on the Friends for Life Facebook page. One of their adopters, Sid, was so giddily happy with Axel, the pit bull he adopted from FFL, that he paid the adoption fee for every pit pull and pit bull mix adopted in the month of August. I saw every photo FFL posted of adopted pitties and their happy new families, along with a light-hearted note to Sid to pull out his checkbook again. I thought it was a brilliant idea, and as August drew to a close, with five pitties/pittie mixes adopted, I realized that, holy crap! There is nothing stopping me from making sure the Pittie Promotion continued through September. After a few email exchanges with FFL’s executive director and communications manager, the deal was done.

I’m so flippin’ proud to announce that, Oh. Em. Gee!, Lindsey and I are sponsoring every pittie and pittie mix adoption in September! It’s on Facebook, so you know it’s official. You can get your own bundle of cuddly, awesome love, and it’s on us! Do it! Hit up FFL online, or give them a call at 713-863-9835.

Rhonda’s PSA: While we support Friends for Life and Scout’s Honor Rescue here in Houston, all no-kill shelters need support, be it financial, serving as a foster, volunteering your time, or providing supplies and pet food. If I can’t talk you into adopting a cute pittie, on us, this month. I hope I can convince you to support a local shelter, and to believe that no breed is inherently bad.

Every dog, regardless of breed, deserves to be this happy. Adopt a pittie from FFL, and let us cover the adoption fee!
Photo by Lindsey

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6 Responses to For Pitties’ Sake

  1. Aunt Aberta says:

    you guys are the best. i remember when you first got sugar and how insecure she was. now she is healthy, happy and all awesome. so wonderful and generous for you to help others looking for their forever friends.

  2. Tom says:

    Y’all rule! Sugar rules! Pits rule!
    And I’m sorry for giving you a hard time for the hours you spent writing this post. The second ear worm was a master stroke from an evil genius.

  3. you guys are so wonderful to give such a generous gift. i remember when you brought sugar home and how scared she was; now she is a healthy and happy girl. your gift will give other awesome dogs the same chance to have a loving forever home. yay sugar and her mommies!

  4. Rhonda Rubin says:

    Thanks, Tom. I really would have finished the post earlier in the evening, but I was continually distracted by outbursts of “Vagina!” and “Penis!” I need to learn that card game.

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