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The Wells Fargo Wagon is A-Comin’ Down the Street…

…and it just about ran my ass over. The financial tools available to us today are just staggering. They keep getting better, and various banks are not shy about letting you know how wonderful they are at collecting your money … Continue reading

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Have a Little Nosh

I’m a unicorn of sorts. My various attributes are such an unlikely combination that the Webster’s entry for “oxymoron” should have my picture next to it. I am so unique, I’m a perfect candidate for having three fools* from Animal … Continue reading

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I Was Lucky

I couldn’t find the shirt I wanted to wear this morning. I know I washed it. I know I folded it. I have no idea what kind of journey it is on post laundry basket, but it is not where … Continue reading

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What’s New, Pussycat

The title of this blog post might imply that I have a new cat or, at the very least, that I might be delusional and am attempting small talk with members of the feline kingdom. As blogworthy as those two … Continue reading

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My Family’s Glorious Military History

I generally don’t blog about my family, mostly because there are only four of us now, and I really want them to still like me. I also don’t think we’re incredibly blogworthy. As families go, we are quiet and assuming, … Continue reading

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And There Was No Pie

Despite our best intentions, Lindsey and I did not take part in our Black Friday tradition of Pie in the Park. Instead, we were wooed to the zoo by Lindsey’s dad and step-mom. It was my first trip to the … Continue reading

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Screw Black Friday. There’s Something Better!

Every year, people leave their Thanksgiving tables before they even have a chance to unfasten their top button and pass out on the couch, just so they can be the first in line at Walmart to get a flat screen … Continue reading

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A Very Rhondsey Anniversary Trip

This year, Lindsey and I have had more than our share of medical and household expenses. The amazing trip we originally planned for our anniversary had to be scrapped. Things are looking up, however, so we decided to take a … Continue reading

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The Latest Illness in Our Household

In a year fraught with household and medical issues, I’ve fallen victim to a disease that only affects bikers, and the only known cure is relatively costly. Seriously, if there was an organization to help raise funds for us victims, … Continue reading

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For Pitties’ Sake

Lindsey and I adopted our kid five years ago. She’s now nine years old, beautiful, and smart as hell. She also has four hairy legs, a mammoth tongue, and a tail that rivals Indiana Jones’ whip with regard to painful … Continue reading

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