Screw Black Friday. There’s Something Better!

Every year, people leave their Thanksgiving tables before they even have a chance to unfasten their top button and pass out on the couch, just so they can be the first in line at Walmart to get a flat screen TV, and they don’t care who they have to trample to do it.

Black Friday is the reason Thanksgiving is forgotten, and it’s the most stark representation of the hypocrisy of the Christmas season. “Get your hands off that TV! I saw it first, Buddy! Merry effin’ Christmas, douchebag!” Good will toward men, indeed. So what do we do the day after Thanksgiving? We toddle our butts over to Kroger ,and get a day-old Thanksgiving pie or two, which are now on sale, and then we pack up our pie, our pup, and sometimes our pals, and engage in the best post-Thanksgiving, alliterate tradition in the world: Pie in the Park (photos by Lindsey)!

It’s been an (almost) annual tradition, and it beats the hell out of shoving someone’s granny out of the way so you can be the first in line for a new Wii U.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and don’t forget about the little things. Those are often the best things in life.

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1 Response to Screw Black Friday. There’s Something Better!

  1. happy thanksgiving and awesome pie day to you both!

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